“The first person that you need to lead is yourself”

Once an individual is competent leading themselves, only then can they go about learning to lead others effectively.  People will follow people due to reporting lines but to really develop individuals the leader must inspire, encourage, challenge and enable.

We place the individual at the centre of the learning process and provide the concepts and tools for them to develop their own style


  • Our model of leadership takes into account that each leader leads differently and the techniques used by one don’t necessarily translate to another
  • The old model also ignores the extra engagement that we know results when people feel recognised and valued for what they bring to the table
  • Good leadership instigates excellent output, a recent Gallup survey found employees whose strengths were called on were 38% more likely to be on high performing teams, 44% more likely to have top customer satisfaction scores and 50% more likely to be in the category of low turnover all of which fits into being more healthy
  • We develop leadership via a Five-module program each one dealing with a concept of personal leadership