Business Simulations

The power of learning!

Through our partnership with Celemi, the world’s leading provider of business simulations, we utilise their products because they align to our experiential learning approach. These solutions create a fantastic environment where people can enhance their skills and immediately leverage this knowledge back in the workplace.

Here are just a few examples…


Key themes: Business finance, cash flow, business efficiency

Participants at all experience levels learn the cornerstones of business finance, including how to monitor cash flow, make better use of resources and how they make an impact on results in balance sheets and income statements in their day-to-day work.


Key themes: Market analysis and segmentation, Product strategy

Exercise your business mind; when times are tough, you need people to think constructively and act decisively. Do your people have a shared understanding of what the company is up against – and the way forward?


Key themes: Customer segmentation, strategic planning, brand building

One of the most common challenges in business today is dealing with uncertainties. In this fast-paced simulation, teams must prepare and implement strategies to capture and retain customers in competitive markets while ensuring both short-term profit and long-term value.


Key themes: Innovation, creativity, organisational climate

Who generates innovation? Everyone, when they know how. Participants learn how to reevaluate their working processes and open their perspectives to influences from different cultures, genders and professional fields so they foster breakthrough ideas.