The Bramley Lakes Experience

What is ‘The Bramley Lakes Experience’?

We ask all our clients what they think of their time at Bramley Lakes and they often respond that attending a workshop or programme with us has helped them to develop a totally new perspective.

In many instances the experience has enriched their personal and professional journey, equipping them with tools, insight and an understanding that improves relationships within their respective teams, as leaders, or within the organisation or business they work within.

So just what is the ‘Bramley Lakes Experience’

  • A unique experience which combines our methodology, facilitation, activities and environment.
  • Set in a stunning, purpose built 11 acre site in Norfolk , which is definitely not the office
  • Our workshops and programmes provide you with the tools, insight and understanding to help improve relationships with your teams, leaders and essentially within your organisation
  • This process involves full commitment to the concept of Organisational Health; encouraging the development of vulnerability based trust, which also requires a willingness to be receptive and essentially open to change
  • This is not an easy process but it is an effective one, to which our many clients will attest.virtual-teams-header

We operate a challenge by choice’ policy and request that our clients are willing to challenge themselves within our safe environment.  Sometimes this means pushing individual boundaries, but the results are worth it.  Adopting an attitude of ‘can do’, receptivity and openness allows delegates to:

  • Try new ways of behaving personally, as a leader, or within a team
  • Implement new insights and behaviors on our many outdoor activities without thinking about making a mistake or the repercussions that trying something new might carry in an organisational environment
  • Experience and maintain the  ‘A-HA’ moment

We want to create a community and support resource to maintain the awareness of your Bramley Lakes Experience

Contact us and embark on your journey…