How We Do It

SDI® – Strength Deployment Inventory®

Problems with team members? Problems with communication in your teams? Here at Bramley Lakes we believe these can be solved with a tool called the Strength Development Inventory® (SDI).


  • The SDI® is a variation of a psychometric tool that allows for improved communication
  • It is a practical tool that can have immediate benefits for communication issues and build better relationships
  • The SDI gives others a clear indication of how different people have different views, values and approaches
  • It also allows us to understand our own motivations and those of others
  • Working in harmony and close cooperation are a usual aspect of any organization, for this excellent relationships are paramount
  • Excellent relationships give us a clear idea of the strength of others and how to utilize these individuals
  • Interpersonal conflict is often inevitable, the SDI helps recognize early signs and provide creative solutions to building stronger relationships
  • The SDI and Strength Deployment Inventory are protected by worldwide copyright and are registered to Personal Strengths Publishing Inc. (PSP Inc.).