How We Do It

Journey Programmes

‘The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive’ by Patrick Lencioni, follows teams journey toward embracing Organisational Health 

The Four practices we take from this are:project-teams-body

  • Build and maintain a cohesive leadership team
  • Create organisational clarity
  • Over-communicate clarity
  • Reinforce clarity through human system

What does this process involve?

  • Bramley Lakes facilitators working with you over an extended period of time
  • Using a combination of one-to-one sessions and off-site engagements for the whole team
  • The identification and address of issues that prevent the team becoming a healthy one
  • You will receive on-going support from the facilitators who adopt the role of a coach and a critical friend
  • During the programme you will assimilate healthy behaviours and the facilitators will hold the team accountable for any lapse in behaviour
  • These are the most effective programmes, just look at our reviews!