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Regents University London


“Since 1998 Bramley Lakes has been a training ground for Regents Business University London. Students from our undergrads and graduate programmes have often voiced their great satisfaction in the leadership, teambuilding and communication skills learned at Bramley. Many have often asked to return to further their coaching skills too. All who have attended have said how valuable they found what they learned about themselves, each other and management skills. The School finds the training very meaningful in providing a strong foundation for the HR Management module and a great catalyst to underpin all it’s learning objective requirements.

We have worked very well with the Bramley Lakes team – their professionalism, insights, commitment and dedication have been outstanding in supporting and running our experiential training programme, which builds on the students’ ability to work and support each other as a team and to develop an improved degree of self awareness as our students are from many parts of the world. Bramley’s understanding towards our multi-cultural student groups is superb. This has enabled the students to better understand each other and perform at a consistently high level upon their return and to take their learning into their own lives.”

Eric Chan

Programme Director RBS MA Global Management,
Principal Lecturer – Management, Leadership, Teams & Organisational Behaviour / Experiential Learning and Business Simulations,

What the Undergrads said about the Programme

“Getting out of my comfort zone, challenging myself, being a leader and good communicator, gaining respect for others and taking their opinions into account when taking decisions”

“Learning to work with different cultures and making friends over the week.  I have learnt the role of a leader and the importance of teamwork and I now know how far it takes you-the facilitators were energetic, fun & friendly”

“Shows you who you really are, not who you think you are!  Teamwork is the strongest feature, to share my thoughts and communicate!

“Awesome people, all of them”