Top Teams Take Time Don’t they?

Eivind Kolding was hired as CEO by Danske Bank to take control of the business. He commenced the position in February 2012 and promised huge returns on investment.  After failing to reach his initial targets and costing investors massive amounts of money he was released from his position after a few months. This begs the question, if given more time and support would he have made more money or was it a sound decision to cut the ties prematurely?

Here is another scenario: a CEO retires and an Executive is headhunted to take his or her place. This company has been the biggest earner within its sector for the past 20 years and someone new comes in to run the show.

The same team then under performs, fails to meet targets and the future does not look bright for the newly appointed CEO. Now here is the predicament, do you remove the current CEO, or do you leave them in place in order for any long-term plans that they have for the future?

Relating this business metaphor to the recent losses of Manchester United, it has prompted discussions of the future of the club. However, fans should not seek to oust Moyes. This team is a project that will take time to develop and he was brought in as a Manager who can take the time to cultivate a force to be reckoned with.  The board recognised his ability to develop a squad over an extended period of time and this typifies an example of investment in Moyes long-term strategic objectives.

This season has been the worst start for Manchester United in 24 years, this reminds us that when Alex Ferguson first began as Manager he did not win any titles for 5 years.  The Barclays Premier League is only a few games in with Arsenal in 1st and Manchester United in 8th.

Can you see the pattern emerging? Arsene Wenger has come under scrutiny in the past, but he has built a squad that has grown into something powerful. He has done this before with the squad containing Fabregas and Van Persie among others. So the point is, in order for a team to really work, it takes time and strong leadership.

This is often a situation that new Leaders and Organisations face. The Board will have chosen the individual for a reason and therefore the new appointee should be provided the opportunity and support to implement their forecasted strategies.

What do you think? Does it take time to build a top team, or should there be a revolving door of Managers until one fits the bill?

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